Everyone’s home

Everyone’s home

23 May 2019 0 By Villapoliflora

“My home has always been open to EVERYONE since I was little. I remember the Christmas and birthday parties, when the preparations began many days before, with my mother Flora and my grandmother Ottavia always in my heart … screams and squabbles did it by master, but the result has always been guaranteed!

My house has always been open to EVERYONE, to friends in the many parties, dinners, evenings, vacations … friends near and far who were often more than the expected, but who were always greeted with the desire to be together, and  the pride of presenting our land to become of EVERYONE.

Our home has always been open to those in need, to those who came for company, who to ask for help. We have rented parts of our house to young couples on their first experience of living together, young families with children, and seen the birth of wonderful love stories!

Our house is always open even today, that you are here dear customers, that you come to visit us and you have chosen us: perhaps you have appreciated our style and learned to love our hospitality … Today that we no longer live in our house , that our family has been divided between the historic center of Monticchiello and Siena, you are living our home, and we are flattered by your choice. Making you feel good is not just a duty so that your holiday is perfect, but maybe even the only thing that succeeds really well …

Thanks to EVERYONE, one by one! In this story you are really EVERYONE of you … we remember each of you and what you told us … We are waiting for you here, at Villa PoliFlora, the home of EVERYONE! “

PS. in the photo Flora appears only with her hands behind Grandma Vanda … who knows her knows that she doesn’t like photographs!