Hospitality for generations

Hospitality for generations

8 November 2019 Off By Villapoliflora

Mine is the third generation that welcomes tourists and anyone who wants to spend a relaxing holiday, the first family in Monticchiello to have transformed a part of a home into a place of hospitality and to have offered their time at the service of hospitality.
First my grandmother Ottavia, who lived in the historic center just in front of the Church of the SS. Leonardo and Cristoforo, in an exceptional location, whose windows dominated the village and the surrounding landscape almost at 360 °. Octavia was a woman of great temperament, of a sharp mind and lively character: she had transformed the top floor of her house into a large apartment, preparing and sewing sheets and towels with her hands. There she met guests from all over the world, who then became friends of the family, and who regularly came to visit us all at the most important events. A warm greeting goes to you Margherita, who with your bright brush – as well as that sly reflection that always shone in your eyes – you filled the many canvases that today adorn our homes.

Then my mother Flora, who saw the possibility of a tourist rental in a part of our large Villa, just a few meters from the historic center. She has taken care of every detail of the furniture and honed her style of hospitality like a great lady of other times. The details that you love and bring home in your memories are all her… we know that the homemade cake you find on arrival, as well as the aperitif we prepare, remains as one of the experiences tastier than your vacation!

And today I am here, I live in Siena with my family, but I could not do without – maturing this decision in the many years that I have been away – to get closer again, to take up again this job of hospitality that I refined in professional experiences at high-end hotels, to do it now, because it is really worthwhile to work for a living. Today I opened another wing of our large villa, giving you a breathtaking panorama of the famous Monticchiello bends, which everyone envies us.

We hope you will find in our work an ancient and wise guiding thread, so that at Villa PoliFlora you can enjoy a family experience as we have handed it down. Every time me and my mom Flora prepare your beds with blankets sewn by grandma Ottavia, we feel the weight of our heritage, and the magic is renewed every time!