A Tuscan Family

A Tuscan Family

1 January 2020 Off By Villapoliflora

Welcome home!
 Here we lived for 30 years, building the entire Villa and thinking of every space because
it was functional and in harmony with the environment.
Everything, element, object binds us to a story, that we would like to tell you too… “

Villa PoliFlora is a modern residence consisting of two independent apartments. The owners husband and wife Poli and Flora built the Villa in 1988 and lovingly preserve the classic rooms of the house totally immersed in the green, a few steps from the village of Monticchiello in Val d’Orcia, Unesco Heritage Site.

Poli is dental technician and passionate about motorcycles and 2 wheels. Like many of the inhabitants of Monticchiello, he pays as an actor in the “Poor Theatre” every summer.

Flora is a nurse and collector of succulents. The adjacent greenhouse has more than 300 specimens.

Futura, the only daughter who lives in Siena with her partner Alessandro and daughter Gaia, has a degree in foreign languages ??and deals with the management of reservations.

Futura has been working in tourism sector for over 10 years collaborating with accommodation facilities, tour operators and travel agencies. Today she is a tourist consultant for Incoming Toscana, do you want personalized advice? WRITE to mangiavacchifutura@gmail.com

long live hospitality

long live reception

long live acceptance