Relaxation of body and mind

Relaxation of body and mind

2 November 2023 Off By Villapoliflora

The Tuscan hills with sinuous profiles, the small villages set in postcard landscapes, excellent food and above all excellent wine: here is the backdrop to a holiday in Val d’Orcia, at any time of the year.

However, if the warmer months are also the busiest, a destination for tourists from all over the world, the intermediate periods are perfect for enjoying a quiet and relaxing situation.

The meteorological climate is not harsh and now even the low season offers mild temperatures and unique lights to immortalize unforgettable shots: a ray of sunshine between the clouds, falling on a cypress; a wet field and much more…

immerse yourself in the warm thermal waters...

This is the ideal season to regenerate in the warm waters with beneficial powers. The spa resorts of Bagno Vignoni (in the photo) and Bagni di San Filippo are just a few kilometers from Monticchiello, and offer spas and tourist facilities, or pristine settings in direct contact with nature. There’s something for all tastes!

Even when the outside temperatures are cooler, it is really excellent and very healthy to take a hot bath, even better if the waters are thermal, benefiting from the presence of the ancient volcano Monte Amiata. These are just some of the properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant for the joints and anticatarrhal, fluidifying and antimicrobial properties for the mucous membranes.

A visit is therefore a must: whether you are looking for one-of-a-kind locations or to enjoy a moment of personal well-being; or both of course!

We are always available for advice on the area. In our apartments we also have discount vouchers for entry to the Bagno Vignoni Spa.


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