Mount Amiata: fresh air and delicious water!

Mount Amiata: fresh air and delicious water!

17 June 2024 Off By Villapoliflora

Mount Amiata frames the Val d’Orcia and all those views that we are so fond of. Our region would not be the same without the majestic mountain that crowns it.

It wouldn’t even be the same if this ancient volcano didn’t exist, a source of beneficial thermal waters and drinkable spring waters with extremely pure organoleptic properties. Mount Amiata is in fact the cradle of places such as Bagni San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni – the closest to us, on the Sienese side, and Vivo d’Orcia with the Ermicciolo Springs which supply most of the province, bringing drinking water in all homes: even in ours!

Mount Amiata is therefore of vital importance for us! We can drink delicious water without buying bottles, saving money but above all safeguarding our planet.

It is also of great importance in summer, when it becomes everyone’s destination to find relief from the hot temperatures. In fact, its beech forest is the largest in Europe and allows you to immerse yourself in long regenerating excursions among its trees, as well as carry out activities for adults and children.

There are many routes to follow by electric bike or on foot, we will be able to direct you to the ones best suited to your expectations!


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