Change to stay the same

Change to stay the same

20 April 2020 Off By Villapoliflora

Traveling safely in Orcia Valley will be the watchword of all of us professionals, who will be called upon to transform your holidays into stays of tranquility and a guarantee of quality!

This long period linked first to the spread of the new Covid_19 virus, then to the imminent lock down that has hit dominoes all over the world, has put a strain on our resistance for isolation and uncertainty, as well as leaving us in a state of fear and precariousness. Then it jeopardized our work and the economic future of our families and our country.

We at Villa PoliFlora have never wanted to underestimate the problem and have always looked reality in the face, telling the true situation in which our nation has found itself. We have ALWAYS accepted for free all cancellations that have come as a result because we are, before hosts, travel lovers like you. We exchanged words of regret, but also of closeness, with everyone: those who have visited us for many years, and those who would come for the first time and promised to return…

With this in mind, we want to be even more careful and rigorous, and we are already preparing to allow you for traveling safely in Orcia Valley again! We look forward to the developments of this new phase and will implement – as soon as we can get back to work – the guidelines that will be provided to us: in terms of sanitizing the environments and safe exchange between people.

We are sure that it will soon be possible for each of us traveling safely in Orcia Valley, for now we continue to #stayathome, each in their own!