Creativity in recycling and reuse

Creativity in recycling and reuse

20 February 2021 Off By Villapoliflora

The health of the world is a fundamental issue for us, which we can not ignore in our daily lives and in our work.

Respecting the land and the fruits it offers us is part of our way of approaching everyday life, from the cultivation methods in our small garden to the purchasing choices of the whole family. Perhaps this still uncontaminated territory keeps the message that our grandparents handed down to us strong.

The love for our traditions has also always allowed us to enhance an “old” object that maybe someone threw in the landfill, to reuse something that had already run out and to recycle what others considered waste, transforming it instead with great creativity into a new and beautiful product! Our passion has always been to find furniture and knick-knacks of the past in antique markets all over Italy or from collectors who have now become friends, because they share the same principles with us. To glimpse a new form in a used object, and perhaps, with the art of decoupage, give it back color and life. To use objects of our peasant tradition or entirely natural materials as an ornament, to tell a little of our history.

This is what you will find in our apartments, the testimonies that we have collected for our nature but that we feel we can communicate to all our visitors: to tell a story that we don’t want to lose and that perhaps we like more than what we see today, but also to pass on a philosophy of life.

And if you too want to do your part, you want to follow a green and ecological spirit, here’s what you could do at our home:

  • drink the very good drinking water of Mount Amiata that flows from all our taps, using the glass bottles that we leave available. This will reduce the use of plastic
  • limit the consumption of water, electricity and gas in daily use, when not necessary
  • turn off the heating at night always
  • turn off all electronic devices once you leave the house
  • carry out separate collection following the “door to door” collection reminder of the Municipality of Pienza, which we have left available
  • change the towels of our competence according to a real need

And if you also share the same principles, you just have to come and visit us, it will be a pleasure to meet you!