Villa PoliFlora at your home!

Villa PoliFlora at your home!

28 October 2020 Off By Villapoliflora

Apartment Holidays in this summer season have reached satisfactory numbers in Tuscany. The year 2020 has reserved an unpleasant surprise and the stability continues not to be seen. However, apart from the period of forced lock down, the apartment holidays were preferred to other types of stay, and so with great pleasure we were able to reopen the doors of our big house and welcome you again in safety!

Many of you have come to visit us, for short periods or long stops of over a week. We welcomed new friends from Italy – a surprise for our Orcia Valley which mainly boasted foreign tourists – and enjoyed an au pair cultural exchange. We have made many friends from Europe, who have rediscovered closer and more sustainable holidays.

At Villa PoliFlora, as stated several times, we strictly follow the directives against the spread of the new Coronavirus, and have decided to eliminate from our 3 Apartments, in addition to the superfluous furnishings, also all the loose products that we left supplied, limiting the style of our welcome and perhaps some favorable opinion. We have introduced sweet and savory disposable foods as comfort items at least for the first day of breakfast.

However, we couldn’t leave you empty-handed… and so, in this year in which we all moved mainly on two wheels, we decided to share our passion for succulents with you! Our greenhouse, which houses the famous collection that Flora has been carrying out since she was very young, has become the place of our farewell, where each of you could choose and take pots with favorite plants. It was an exchange with a universal language: a little bit of Villa PoliFlora in the homes of each of you!

Our greenhouse of succulents houses more than 300 specimens, Flora also loves to grow new specimens, as well as new ones you will all be dear guests, who will come to visit us! We are waiting for you, in the meantime choose your apartment and SEND A REQUEST!