August, a month of events

August, a month of events

3 August 2023 Off By Villapoliflora

Don’t miss the magic of the hottest month of the year, not only for the temperatures, but also for the numerous exhibitions among romantic villages, suggestive places, under the stars…

We have already talked about our Teatro Povero di Monticchiello in this blog. Here we want to recommend some very pleasant moments to experience a summer of unforgettable moments, which we too cannot miss!

Arezzo | ANTIQUE FAIR | 6 – 7 August
The oldest and largest antique fair. Many years ago, Ivan Bruschi gave life to one of the largest and oldest fairs in Tuscany, not to mention Italy. He managed to transform his love for antiques, for unique and precious objects into an event that every first weekend of the month fills the narrow streets of the center of Arezzo with the charm and atmosphere of other times.

Montepulciano | GLASSES UNDER THE STARS | 10 August
Series of events hosted in Montepulciano, home of the great Nobile, dedicated to wine and its typical products, which begins with glasses. One of the events dedicated to tasting the most interesting and exciting Tuscan wines ever, given the evocative context in which it takes place, organized by the Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Flavors of the Valdichiana Senese.

Siena | PALIO | 16 August
One of the most famous and exciting events in Siena. The second and final race of the Palio takes place on 16 August (the first was held in July), which will ignite, as usual, the spirits of the participants during the usual – and interminable – three laps of the Piazza del Campo, which will sanction the Winner district.

Montepulciano | BRAVIO OF BARRELS | 27 August
A centuries-old tradition that combines the goliardic spirit of Montepulciano with its long winemaking activity. This race consists of an exhausting – and at the same time exciting – race through the steep streets of the village, which sees the 8 districts of the city facing each other to win the longed-for bravio (the prize, a cloth painted with the local patron saint). The participants (two for each district) will have to push a large wooden barrel for about a kilometer uphill through the historic center of Montepulciano, to reach the finish line in Piazza Grande in front of the Duomo!

Below are some shots we took during this Bravio 2023!